A brief overview of Alsager School at the present

Alsager School in Cheshire was previously known as Alsager Comprehensive. It is a co-educational school for around 1, 500 pupils. There are around 150 staff members on average at the school. In addition, there is a companion sixth form, known as Alsager Sixth Form College, which is attended by many pupils from Alsager School.

The school has always been situated at its present location in Cheshire, opposite the former campus of Manchester Metropolitan University and close to a leisure centre.

History of the Alsager School site

Alsager itself is situated on the site of an ancient Bronze Age settlement. The Domesday book records the name of the town as 'Eleacier', though in later years this evolved into 'Alsager'. From the nineteenth century onwards, Alsager became famous for its pottery.

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In 1945, a teacher training college was opened in Alsager, on the site of the former Manchester Metropolitan University, mentioned above. This marked Alsager out as a place for education and the foundation of Alsager Comprehensive School followed several decades later.

2009: Foundation School status

Set within this historic region of the UK, Alsager School is the sole provider of secondary education in Alsager. In 2009, Alsager School joined the Alsager Community Trust, which is the co-operative trust that manages education in the Alsager region. This 2009 move converted Alsager School into a Foundation School (as opposed to a Community School, which is what its status was before). The governing bodies of Foundation Schools have more autonomy when it comes to the running of the school than is the case with Community Schools.

2013: Conversion to an Academy

In 2013, the school converted to Academy status. Academies have been springing up in ever greater numbers over the past few years across England. Academy schools are funded directly by the Department of Education rather than the local authority. This gives an academy more autonomy over and above the local authority when it comes to deciding how the school is run. Thus, 2013 was, like 2009, a significant landmark in the history of Alsager School.

Looking back

The current head teacher of the school is Richard Middlebrook. Looking back on the history of the school detailed above, we can see that he has taken the helm at a school that has already seen a name change, and two significant changes in its status.